Dino Mehaffie is an extraordinary artist and only in the days of the old masters does one find such incredible diversity. His ability to paint in every medium and his bronze sculptures confirm his title as the “Renaissance Man”.

Dino was raised in the Chicago area where art was an integral part of the society. During his early school days, teachers began to notice his extraordinary talent. One particular teacher decided to make it her mission to get his talent recognized and subsequently got him a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago at the age of fourteen. But, as fate would have it, he was not able to attend for long. When he was about sixteen years old his family moved to the Los Angeles area to find a better life. He was extremely disappointed to leave the Art Institute, but vowed to finish his program of study as soon as he could. Times were hard in those days, and he found himself, like everyone else, too busy making a living to continue with his art career.

After many years of working as a landscape designer and building contractor, he was able to resume his formal art training at the Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna Beach. Over the past decade, Dino has enjoyed the challenges of his new career as a professional painter and sculptor and considers himself to be truly blessed to finally be able to do what he loves most.

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Notable Places of Interest Displaying Dino’s work:

  • Buffalo Soldier Museum in Texas ( Original on View )
  • Firehouse 55 in Little Italy New York ( displayed over work table of deceased fire fighter )
  • Lake Arrowhead Fire Department